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Institute of Contemporary Art: The Look Of The New

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Founded in 1963 at one of the most productive and exciting periods in American visual arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art has earned a reputation for identifying future talents early in their professional careers and giving them the support they need to develop their work. Andy Warhol had his first museum show here, for instance. […]

Norman Rockwell Museum: Classic Art

July 24, 2012 by  
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Few artists portrayed 20th Century life in America as beautifully and convincingly as Norman Rockwell. That’s why some of his most famous paintings and illustrations are permanently lodged in our collective consciousness, like his depiction of a family’s Thanksgiving feast titled the Four Freedoms. The Norman Rockwell Museum boasts the world’s largest collection of the […]

Simeone Automotive Museum: Rev Up

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Love the adrenaline rush of seeing a great racecar? Then a visit to Simeone Automotive Museum is a must. Many people don’t know that the competitive urge took over almost as soon as the first cars hit the road. Displays of those first racecars include the 1909 American Underslung, one of the first to tear […]

Please Touch Museum: Interactive Fun

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Don’t let the title ‘museum’ scare off your youngsters! The Please Touch Museum is a far-cry from big, quiet halls where you have to keep your hands to yourself. In fact, as the name implies, Please Touch is a highly interactive educational experience. Parents will have fun guiding their children through the varied activities that […]