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Listen Up: Four Great Music Sites

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The recording industry is changing quickly with the rapid rise of digital music, and streaming is becoming a preferred way to hear great tunes. Instead of clogging up your shelves or your hard drive with music files, these services let you reach out into the cloud and select from a massive library of songs. Here are four great music sites: is the current darling of the streaming music world, letting you listen to full albums by a huge variety of artists. The service is free at the base level, but the paid subscription options add important features. With their offline mode, you can download songs and listen to them even when you don’t have an Internet connection. is one of the most well-established streaming music services. It allows you to set up and share customized playlists as well as discover new music through a "related artists" feature. It also lets you connect with people who have similar tastes and explore their favorite artists. is an intelligent radio service that, unlike some of the other sites on this list, removes control from the user in favor of a clever algorithm that explores music by genre and style. By entering an artist’s name, you build a custom radio station and discover new favorite songs. uses the radio station model for its playlists, featuring a wide range of different genres of music carefully selected by experts for maximum listening enjoyment. The site offers both free and subscriber-only options.

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