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Tips for Eating More Healthfully in the New Year

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Many people vow to eat more healthfully in the New Year, but few are successful in their resolution. A common mistake is equating healthy eating with deprivation and food that tastes like cardboard. But this is a myth: healthful food is often delicious food, too. Here are a few easy tips to improve your diet without starving yourself:


In the winter, it’s still important to keep your skin, muscles, and body hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Water consumption also helps you loss weight by keeping you full between meals. Make carrying a water bottle part of your normal routine. 

Eat regularly and moderately

Skipping meals makes you feel cranky and low energy, as does gorging every meal. Eat balanced meals at the same times every day, and snack, if you need to, on healthy proteins like nuts and fruit. Carry a couple of granola bars with you. Eating only when you’re actually hungry will help prevent you from binging later!


Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are buzzwords in healthy diets. You can learn to include them in meals pretty easily by seeking out recipes in books or online. Put vegetables into sauces or dishes with more delicious ingredients. Use fruits in your dessert. Opt for whole grain bread and pasta over starchier varieties. Enjoy!

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