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Time Management Tips for Students

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Are you a busy student who sometimes finds yourself overwhelmed with your daily to-do list? When you’re in school, it can be hard to balance your academic obligations with the other aspects of you life. Here are some tips to help you manage your time better so that you can finish your work in a timely manner without getting too stressed:
Plan Ahead
Make a schedule of your upcoming assignments and obligations and figure out when you will fit each aspect into your life, as well as planning roughly how long you will need to devote to each task – this way, you’ll avoid unnecessary down-to-the-wire freak-outs because your obligations won’t sneak up on you. Also, if you make an efficient schedule of your upcoming obligations, you can break larger tasks (such as big papers and projects) into smaller increments and work on them steadily over time. 
It’s important to maintain a sense of the bigger picture when you’re a busy student. If you maintain a mindset that every small detail of your school life has to be managed with perfect precision and equal effort, you will likely cause yourself a great deal of unnecessary stress. So as your obligations for each semester arise (both within school and outside of it), make sure you prioritize those that will yield the biggest impact on your academic and personal life. Invest the most effort in the assignments and activities that are really going to define your student years and shape your degree of overall academic success, and don’t sweat too much over the smaller issues that arise along the way. 
Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed
When you’re a busy student, it’s just as important to schedule breaks and relaxation as it is to pencil in study time. Make sure you take short breathers during long study and schoolwork sessions so that you can fully process all of the material you’ve learned and rejuvenate your mind so that you’re ability to continually absorb new material. Another key to avoiding becoming overwhelmed as a student is to know when to say “no” – your time is precious, and sometimes you need to preserve it by turning down invitations from friends, or help-requests from classmates who are struggling with the assignments, or any other people who might infringe on your time (no matter how well-meaning). That said, make sure you don’t say “no” too often when it comes to social activities – getting out there and having fun is a key part of the school experience, so it’s important to balance work with play as much as possible.
Effective Study Techniques
When it comes to managing the time demands of your academic load, you can ensure success by practicing efficient study techniques. Here are some of the best techniques out there: make sure you have an appropriate, clean, comfortable, noise-free study environment, make notes while studying so that you don’t lose track of key points, tackle the most difficult schoolwork first, and read the syllabus for each class as soon as you get it so that you can make note of all the significant upcoming due dates. 
Control Distractions
There are many distracting aspects of life as a student, especially in this age of media and technology. So make sure that you allow yourself to effectively focus on your academic load by eschewing gadgets like your cell phone and iPod while you’re working. In addition, the online world is full of distractions – but, of course, you probably can’t avoid your computer because of the crucial role the internet plays in today’s academic world. So just make sure that, while you’re on you computer, you fight off distractions like checking your email, engaging in online chats, and visiting Facebook.

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